NSF Workshop on

Public Access to Research Data

Exploring the Prospects for a Common Response to the Requirements for Public Access to Research Data

Thursday, February 22 & Friday, February 23, 2018

This workshop will gather the community of experts on public data access from different NSF divisions to share their conclusions on data preservation, the infrastructure required to make research data public and useful, and the responses to potential guidelines that might be implemented to insure the preservation of scientific knowledge without undue burden on the researchers, while making the data available in a useful way to the public.

The workshop will have three main points of focus:

  1. The sharing of lessons learned and findings as collected from each of the scientific communities
  2. Linking communities with common interests in knowledge preservation and access
  3. The formation of suggested requirements related to knowledge preservation and open access

The overall goal of the workshop is a report that collects and synthesizes the various inputs from the diverse set of NSF divisions into a comprehensive discussion of the three main workshop points.